Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Generate incremental sales worldwide with an online Advent Calendar and gather new marketing prospects for next year. The calendar can be tailored however you wish to strengthen your brand on social media. Advent Calendar has optional layout and any combination of windows.

Make your customers stand in line

Start preregistration in early November to achieve higher participation. Promote your Advent Calendar on social media and by using newsletter and SMS.

Create value and build loyalty

Good relationships are built by communicating in a way that makes sense for your customers. Fill your calendar with useful content, sit back and watch your customers open all windows.

Get your customers back every day

Send daily email and SMS reminders throughout the Christmas period to entice the participants back in. We make it easy to keep your customers engaged.

User-friendly for both you and your customers

Craft a Christmas calendar in minutes –– it’s super simple! Plus, it’s even easier for your customers to join in and relish the holiday cheer

  • Choose from a variety of different templates. Personalize with your own colors and images. Each door can feature your unique image, text, and prize.
  • AI tool to fill today’s doors with questions and answers. Use our AI tool to populate today’s doors with questions and answers. You can also manually add text, images, videos, links, and promotions
  • Enhance your digital branding with your own domain Elevate your brand by linking your custom domain to your Christmas Advent Calendar. Increase brand visibility for your products or services. Seamlessly integrate your Advent calendar into your corporate identity

Reasons to consider using a Christmas Advent Calendar!

A Christmas Advent Calendar offers a fun and interactive way to engage with your customers.

You can leverage it to raise brand awareness, showcase your products and services, and gather valuable potential customers

  • Generate value and strengthen loyalty Generate value and enhance loyalty. Meaningful communication with your customers is the foundation for building strong relationships. A Christmas Advent Calendar acts as an enticing incentive, offering unique and valuable content that encourages daily customer engagement.
  • Full Control and Integration Seamlessly integrate your Christmas calendar with your preferred email platform or export leads as CSV files for customized lead management
advent calendar

What Our Clients Say

Our Advent Calendar has it all

At the core of Advent Calender 2024 is a mission to redefine the way you shop online. We believe that shopping is not just about acquiring products; it’s about indulging in a personalized journey that resonates with your lifestyle, preferences, and desires. Our mission is to curate a diverse range of high-quality products that elevate your daily life and empower you to express your individuality.

Obtain GDPR consent

Advent Calendar is an obvious opportunity to obtain GDPR consent to contact customers by email and SMS.

Automatic drawing

Simply choose whether winners will be drawn daily, weekly or at the end of the Advent Calendar, and we’ll do the rest.

Reminders via email

Daily reminders can be set up, either with the same content for the whole period or different content each day

Daily reports

Get a daily report by email with number of participants, correct and incorrect answers, winners and the total amount of activity.